Monday, April 24, 2006

Blog 8 - Sporos' Lesson

“From behind the smaller of the two glacial rocks a tiny creature appeared and acampered over to them. It looked rather like a small, silver-blue mouse, and yet it seemed to Meg to be a sea creature rather than a land creature” (A Wind in the Door 135). Madeleine L’Engle presents after the first task, a farandola, named Sporos. This incorrigible creature is part of the problem with Charles Wallace’s mitochondrion, called Yadah. He shows the classic “teenage rebellion”, despite the fact that he was, literally, born yesterday. Once inside the mitochondria, where Sporos was born, he and his fellow farandolae provide fodder for the Echthroi cause. They refuse to Deepen, meaning to plant themselves and grow. During their raucus they dance wildly around the already Deepened farae, the elders, and kill them. “‘Why did Blajeny send you alien life forms to Yadah with me? How can you possibly help with my schooling? We make music by ourselves. We don’t need you’” (186). This demonstrates his unwillingness to even listen to Meg, Calvin, and even Proginoskes while being seduced by the Echthroi around him.

Sporos’ redemption comes when he finally decides to Deepen, signaling a completed second task. However, this is a struggle that takes Charles Wallace, and Yadah to the brink of destruction. Only after Mr. Jenkins had been taken by the Echthroi as his own personal sacrifice for the lives of the others does Sporos see the truth. “[Sporos said], ‘But why did Mr. Jenkins—didn’t he know what would happen to him?’…‘To save us all,’ Calvin added. ‘The Echthroi have him, Sporos. They are going to kill him. What are you going to do?’ Sporos turned towards Senex, the fara from whom he had been born. He reached out small green tendrils towards all the farandolae. ‘It is Deepening time,’ he said” (195). The lesson we learn with Sporos is that no matter how late you decide to fight for good and against evil, you can succeed. Also, no creature is worth giving up on, despite their unwillingness to hear your reason.


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